“Welcome to 2020, an exciting year of KEVIN.MURPHY education. As we enter a new decade and look forward, we are conscious about casting models that represent individuality. We understand that life in the salon is a snapshot of society, and we want to represent this for you. In 2020, our goal is to help clients who are searching for individuality to continue putting their unique foot forward.”

– Kevin Murphy

Bang Bang Collection


Mastering simplicity was our approach with this year’s colour techniques. We wanted to make bold statements with looks that pushed the envelope effortlessly while being completely wearable. Rich earth tones of Rose and Copper were melted together to highlight the unique texture of each model’s hair and create more dimension between light and shadow. We paired clever, understated techniques with creative colours inspired by the depths of nature and then, using that palette, created natural variations in multi-tonal saturation.


Reflecting the attitude of an editorial-based brand, our BANG BANG haircuts represent aesthetics inspired mostly by ’90s street culture. Aware that we are entering a new decade, we looked back for inspiration from iconic fashion and movements throughout history. The cuts live somewhere between K-pop and Britpop, with fringes, longer sides and a Mod feeling. Each haircut has been created with the wearer in mind. The cuts are truly adaptable, genderless and unique, regardless of the length.


This year’s styling collection focuses on an obvious use of product — a reflection of the ’90s. We developed the techniques for each style being conscious of you as the stylist behind the chair working with each and every client in a timely manner. Let’s make 2020 all about your client while we at KEVIN.MURPHY make it all about you and increasing your skills and ability to navigate the ever-changing world of fashion.



Welcome to our introductory class offering an overview of COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. Theory topics include philosophy, hair diagnosis, communication, usage and point of difference. Colourists will experience hands-on practice plus instruction on the complete colour product portfolio.


An essential class that offers in-depth knowledge designed to further your technical skills, address challenges and deliver the best colour results possible. Topics include initial consultation, diagnosis, colour selection, advanced colouration, colour correction, colour removal, and troubleshooting.


This essential colour class is a comprehensive exploration of refining on all depths of hair. You will learn how to choose refining colours that achieve your desired result and how to attain better durability for your client. Designed to further your technical skills, address challenges and deliver the best refining results possible in the salon. Learn the importance of creating the perfect canvas, choosing between a shade and a toner, the art of communication with the client and of course tips on counteracting unwanted tones. Let REFINE.ME transform you into a master of finishing on all COLOR.ME colours!


Explore 2020’s collection of fundamental free-hand techniques mixed with high fashion looks. This collection introduces you to COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY LIGHTENERS and explores the ease and simplicity behind achieving gorgeous, lit-from-within colour. Delivering natural, easy to maintain colour with invisible new growth, plus salon techniques clients crave. FREESTYLE.TECHNIQUES offers practical applications that can be used in the salon every day to personalise each and every client’s colour.


An advanced dedicated blonde session that explores everything from undertone to application. This class is designed to further your lightening skills, grow your knowledge in selecting the correct product to use as well as addressing common lightening challenges. Focuses include diagnosis, consultation, choosing your lightener, advanced lightening colouration, removal of artificial colour, troubleshooting and the point of difference between each product. This class will get you blonde-ready!


This class is our exclusive behind-the-scenes pass to our latest COLOR.ME campaign. Our COLOR.ME shoot moves the needle on hair colour and fashion, and gives you innovative, creative, and technical ideas to take back to the salon. Like the must-have shade of the season, you will explore colours that melt and blend seamlessly for your clients in 2020.


Colouring hair is visual and limitless. COLOR.ME LAB is a class for colourists who want to bring theory into practice and master bespoke colour formulation. In this class, you will work individually and as a team to conduct and analyse numerous colour tests on hair wefts and swatches. You will reveal underlying pigment and witness the results of counteracting and enhancing tones. Class participants will have the chance to compare different formulas used for similar hair colour situations and will explore the limitless playfulness of COLOR.ME.


Working within a compact range allows the colourist to become a true artist and create their own unique and tailored shades for their clients. KEVIN.MURPHY is a fashion- focused brand and with changing trends, fashion and new Pantone colours, colourists need to stay current, create new formulas, techniques and looks for their clients. We have developed this class exclusively for colourists looking to elevate their expertise and gain more specialised skills in the world of hair colour.



Cutting a true line is never as easy as it seems. This course is a fundamental experience that is inspired by the KEVIN.MURPHY philosophy of cutting hair regardless of gender, length or texture. Learn skills in body position, projection and sectioning to strengthen your haircutting expertise. Explore how natural texture affects results and the movement of hair. Understand the creation of geometric shapes, line, graduation and layering techniques and how to combine these elements. Understand suitability, product choices, and communication to create something unique and precise for your clients.


LEARN.ME in three parts is the most important class you will experience. It is an exclusive tour into everything KEVIN.MURPHY. Think of these classes as product insight and exploration, not just product knowledge. LEARN.ME is about understanding KEVIN.MURPHY the brand, Kevin Murphy the man, and everything that makes our product and culture so unique.

LEARN.ME ONE - Learning the culture, core principles and philosophies behind KEVIN.MURPHY is imperative for people who have decided to partner with us. We believe that product is more than the liquid in the bottle. It’s in our stories, culture, and history!

LEARN.ME TWO – Take a deeper dive into the regimens. Understand why each of the KEVIN.MURPHY product families exist and for which clients to recommend them. Simplify the process of client conversations with our 1.2.3. language, develop a problem-solving mindset and explore cocktailing options based on each client’s individual needs.

LEARN.ME THREE – Certain looks will always remain signature to KEVIN.MURPHY styling. Understand the range of tools and styling products that create these signature looks. You will leave with a better understanding of the KEVIN.MURPHY approach to hairstyles and explore setting techniques and fast up-dos using our unique styling tools.


Meeting your client’s need with a great blow dry is an essential part of the KEVIN.MURPHY philosophy. These classes will teach stylists how to prepare and execute finished looks on multiple lengths of hair and learn how to communicate and solve problems around blow drying at home. We will focus on blow dry techniques using the range of products and tools that are necessary to master a perfect finish that lasts every time. You will learn the foundations of the blow dry and the importance of clean sectioning and product choice.


We have been braiding hair for many centuries, across many cultures and history has shown that it will always be at the forefront of fashion. This class is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to incorporate braiding into any daily styling you do and how to use these techniques creatively behind the chair, on set or backstage during any fashion event. Warm up your fingers, as those will be your most powerful tools in this class!


Create wedding experiences the KEVIN.MURPHY way. Being in the bridal business requires a new outlook. You need an inclusive mindset, patience, great hair skills, and business savvy. It’s a privilege to take part in anyone’s special day but it is the planning, skills and execution you offer that make the difference. You need to be an outstanding artist who is confident in current bridal trends, be able to communicate in person and across media in the planning phase. Budgets, timelines, and production of the day all need to be looked at and that’s before you even do hair! We will help you to understand and be understood. Learn how to use mood boards as a tool to identify and communicate creative ideas. Set a timeline of visits and look at the opportunities for your salon and your client as you prepare. Learn how to apply wearable fashion looks and use accessories to create beautiful wedding hair for the entire wedding party!


So, you have a great talent for braiding? It’s time to take it to the next level.

Let’s explore the different techniques that come together for BRAID.ME ADVANCED. Always on the catwalk, braiding combines free expression and fashion. By mastering braiding, you will unlock your potential and develop a truly unique form of expression that hairdressers have been building and sharing across many generations.


Inspiration comes in many forms. The KEVIN.MURPHY MASTER team bring a customisable experience to your audience to inspire them to reach new heights in their careers as hairdressers. The demonstration will focus on our culture and brand philosophy through innovative styling techniques and can include a colour demonstration and cutting teasers. This event is suitable for everyone who craves KEVIN.MURPHY inspiration and would like creative ideas to take back to their clients. This is an educational cocktail best served after work!


The KEVIN.MURPHY team are directing and creating hair for numerous shows every season for fashion weeks around the globe. Prêt-à-porter to haute couture.

Clients are increasingly inspired by the same runways as us. Let us take you out of your salon environment for a moment and place you at a fashion show where you get to see how the KEVIN.MURPHY products and tools are helping designers create their vision of hair that’s suitable for their collection. We then will help you apply this to your clients in the salon to enhance your business. Sit back and let the runway show come to you!

To find out more about KEVIN.MURPHY classes near you, please contact your KEVIN.MURPHY Business Consultant or Distributor.