Today we are celebrating

the individual’s uniqueness. Everyone has a right to occupy the space that that they hold. Everyone is special, and everyone has a right to be as they are and present themselves as they wish. Fashion can be powerful when it’s personal. This is why the idea of carving out a personal style has now become so compelling. But unfortunately, fast fashion has stifled a lot of fashion’s personality, both by speeding things up to a breakneck pace and by homogenising trends right across the world. This is what we mean by a return to artisan values. It’s our job in salon to help clients carve out that personal style. We uncover our client’s truths, work with them to develop their style and create something that is anything but “fast fashion” hair. People want you to take the time to create something just for them. They want and deserve to discover and be who they are in a safe space, your salon.


The KEVIN.MURPHY stylist lives this diversity. Every day, salons are a snapshot of the world in which they live. The techniques in THE RIGHT.WRONG Collection can be applied to all you encounter. It’s not just about a genderless haircut, it’s about forgetting about diversity and just being diverse. We invite you to join the RIGHT.WRONG movement.

Sprawdź naszą broszurę edukacyjną

Ekscytujący świat wydawnictw o stylizacjach i pokazów mody nigdy nie był bardziej dostępny dla Ciebie i Twoich klientów dzięki kursom oferowanym przez KEVIN.MURPHY. Jako marka znana z produktów o wysokiej wydajności i nowoczesnego podejścia do stylizacji włosów, KEVIN.MURPHY przedstawia teraz najnowsze trendy zainspirowane przez modę z całego świata.