Kampania COLOR.ME

Deliberate imperfections create the ultimate raw finish for blondes with just the right amount of added regrowth and attitude – soft, creamy and gold tones remain rough around the edges creating a new wave of perfectly imperfect shadow play.

Luxe radiant brunettes are sculpted and shaded bringing light into the darkness for sculptural definition. Colour plays with neo-tones taking a journey from dark to light with pops of unexpected shades from iridescent violet to haunting deep dark blue.

A blaze of colours, luminescent in their brilliance yet anchored in the shadows – paired back… played down… one unable to exist without the other. Simplified and deliberate to be nothing but real and honest – they came as raw canvases ready to make a statement, and they left as works of art.

“For this collection, we utilised light and shade both on the set and throughout the hair to create contrast much like an artist would do when painting. A fresh take on neon shades, our neo colour palette brings lived-in looks to life for an intentionally unintentional finish.”

- Kevin Murphy